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Smart Hotel Room Tech

Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta has said “Imagine a world where the room knows you, and you know your room. Imagine a world where you walk in, the TV says, ‘How are you doing, John? Nice to see you,’ and all of your stuff is preloaded and not only preloaded, but the only thing you ever need to touch to control in the room is in the palm of your hand” (i.e. your mobile).

This feature has been introduced in a small number of hotels, with plans to roll out to their worldwide network this year (2018)

Your mobile could open up a whole host of opportunities, some hotels are scrapping door cards, instead enabling customers to simply scan themselves into their room with their phone. Beyond that your mobile could operate everything in your room itself, from TV to temperature and lights to room services - additional capabilities are being added every week!

In addition to mobile, your hotel room could offer a huge range of personalised voice activated functions. With hotels experimenting with voice activated search and voice-driven personalised experiences this is really an exciting time in the sector. In a world where nothing stays still long - 2018 looks set to be the year of tech in the hospitality industry.

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