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Plans to develop Edinburgh's first purpose-built luxury marina were approved last month. The marina will be the focus of the £500M waterside quarter development which will also include a variety of leisure and accommodation facilities.

Edinburgh Marina Holdings aim to re-establish Edinburgh’s “maritime economy” by enabling it to compete with other, more established Scottish west coast sailing destinations in the country’s £3.7bn maritime tourism industry.

The scheme will offer 317 full-service berths, including some reserved for visitors, as well as additional dry berths for boats under 30m long. Customers will be able to use the onboard food and drink service, including a concierge service, and access to the sea will be available 24 hours a day.

With superyachts in mind, the luxurious marina will be able to accommodate the whole range of yachts and cruisers, something that Scotland’s east coast had never been able to do until now.

“The new world-class Edinburgh Marina at Granton’s Western Harbour is the most important new marina development in the UK for several decades,” said developer Kevin Fawcett.

“It harks back to a long and distinguished international maritime connection that Edinburgh and Granton Harbour once enjoyed, will help to re-establish Edinburgh’s maritime economy as well as creating a vibrant new city destination that will enhance Edinburgh’s reputation as one of the UK’s most attractive lifestyle destinations.”

Construction will start in the second half of the year following the publication of more detailed planning consent in the coming months.

Source: The Times

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