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The innovations revolutionising the way we preserve the environment

Everyone who’s anyone working within the rural sector is going to Farm Business Innovation on the 8th & 9th November Birmingham’s NEC. This year a feature which has caught the attention of thousands of visitors is the show’s Farm Innovation Awards. These awards will highlight and celebrate rural industry successes across the country! 

One award in particular that has a lot of people talking is the Environment Award. This sought-after accolade recognises the innovative product or cutting-edge service which is breaking new ground in serving to protect our environment. 

Take a quick look at the noteworthy finalists, all of which will be trying to impress the esteemed judging panel and take home this award:

Tiny ECO Homes UK - Stand 590

Specialists in the design and manufacturing of mobile tiny homes; their fully mobile and road legal eco homes are fitted with a wood burner for heating, solar and a wind turbine for electric and a rainwater catchment system making them fully off grid and perfect for full time living. 

Circuitree - Stand 1045

Offering their latest agricultural and utility renewable energy storage solutions, Circuitree designs and delivers large scale battery storage projects which enable renewable energy to be captured, stored and used on demand 24/7. 

groLOCAL - Stand 1376

Creators of Urban/Aid/Hydroponic/Aquaponic Farms and the equipment required to operate them. Their groSTORE is low cost, simple and is robustly designed, combined with a “just add water” seed tray & punnet ordering service. Whilst their Farm-in-a-Box is the perfect CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) solution, or ideal partner for Farmers looking to create their own local micro-green produce.

One Planets Consultants Ltd - Stand 1345

OPC deliver clear, concise advice on the best renewable solutions for their clients. Their expertise spans the full range of renewable energy technologies; Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP), Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Solar Thermal (Domestic Hot Water). OPC offer the following services; design, supply, installation, commission and handover for any renewable project. 

Ecotoilets - Stand 240

A toilet that has no need for water! Their `Dry Separating toilet` which mimics the design of the human body, utilises our natural microorganisms to create excellent compost and fertiliser. These dry toilets have no need for plumbing and can be installed virtually anywhere!

Make sure you go and see these nominees and their revolutionary products and services on 8th & 9th November at Birmingham’s NEC. 

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