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The Tipi Company launches new Computational Fluid Dynamics for their tipis

Since The Tipi Company brand was launched, it has developed a reputation for raising the bar on tipi design. Over the last five years, its aim has been to bridge the gap between tipis and 5* marquees and has successfully launched a range of complementing Accessories, including Weatherproofing Kits, Hard-standing Kits, Window Kits and various Entrance ways.  

Where Wind Loadings are concerned, the standard throughout the tipi industry (and what is used by its competitors) is “Hand Calculations”. Given the complex shapes of the tipis, calculating the wind loading using these Eurocodes is not simple, nor necessarily accurate. Therefore, The Tipi Company has spent many tens of thousands of pounds and two years having their wind loadings calculated (to code) using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This is the same technique used to design F1 racing cars and aircraft.   

With the weather becoming increasingly difficult throughout the UK and beyond, The Tipi Company believe that hand calculations aren’t sophisticated or safe enough and as a result, the Computational Fluid Dynamics are a much more detailed and reliable way of working when it comes to outdoor event structures. These CFDs now prove that The Tipi Company tipis can withstand up to 43mph winds*, without the use of extra bracing devices, which is the highest in the industry.   

“We’ve always given our customers honest, personal and professional advice from start to finish. Being a family-run manufacturing business, that has been going for 30 years in the North of England, we know a thing or two about outdoor event structures. When we came on the tipi scene, we were puzzled. When we spoke to potential clients they told us stories about how our competitors had “told” them that they didn’t need weatherproofing options, whereas in reality, they really wanted them. This got us thinking. We asked ourselves ‘Why can’t tipis be weatherproofed? Why can’t we build them on car parks? Why can’t we have proper entrance ways?’ and our range of Accessories were born. The same can be said for our Windloadings. Again, we asked ourselves ‘Can hand calculations surely be safe enough for tipis?’. Our competitors state that their tipis can withstand up to 10 on the Beaufort scale with their hand calculations, but common sense knows that 10 causes significant structural damage to a permanent structure (i.e. a building), let alone a tipi. Seeing that the hand calculations were most obviously inaccurate and unsafe, we decided to spend a lot of money investing into Computational Fluid Dynamics for our tipis – the safest way to calculate wind loadings. This means we can now offer our customers a safe, honest, and common-sense approach to wind management with their tipis, to ensure safety for both their investment and their customer base.” Gary Harthern, Managing Director of The Tipi Company (part of The Awning Company).   

The Tipi Company manufactures British-made large event tipis and accessories for the use of outdoor events. Durable, reliable and waterproof, the tipis provide an outdoor structure that has 

been Made in Britain, for a whole range of services including outside classrooms, wedding venues, activities centres and outdoor restaurants. Using inspiration from the temporary homes of nomadic tribes for hundreds of years, The Tipi Company uses the latest materials and techniques to bring them into the 21st Century. The tipis are available in four different sizes and can either be erected onto grassed areas or fields or built on hard standing areas such as car parks or patios.   

For further information, please contact The Tipi Company Marketing Office on

*dependant on the tipi configuration

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