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Merlin Entertainments to build 80-bed hotel at Warwick Castle

Merlin Entertainments have just submitted their plans to build a 80-bed hotel at Warwick Castle as part of their 10 year plan. 

“Our masterplan contains a wide range of proposals which we believe could continue to help us sympathetically enhance our offering,” said the Divisional Director at Warwick Castle, Nick Blofeld.

“All of the ideas proposed, including a possible hotel, remain at the feasibility stage, subject to further research and discussions with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders.”

If approved, the hotel will be built within the castle grounds rather than in the castle itself. Nevertheless, the proposals submitted to the council also include the potential renovation of the existing bedrooms within one of the castle’s towers, which could be then turned into luxury accommodation for guests. According to Merlin, The Porters Lodge - an area currently unused within the castle - would be the ideal spot for guest accommodation if the renovations are carried out.

Apart from developing the hotel, Merlin also seeks to continue its popular glamping offering on a smaller scale for a further 5 years. They also seek to enhance the overall guest experience by opening a new restaurant overviewing the Castle’s East Front, the River Avon and its island, as well as improve the disabled access across the attraction and refurbishing the castle’s shop.

Source: Leisure Opportunities

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