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Could you be the fastest Yurt builders in the West? Could you be the YFL Speed Yurt Building Champions of 2017? 

Yurts for Life is excited to announce that the inaugural YFL Speed Yurt Building Championships will be held at the Farm & Business Innovation Show this year, and everyone is welcome to take part! The event will celebrate #yurtliving, and will demonstrate just how easy it is to put up (and take down) a Yurt, when you know how. 

Yurts for Life have been making, maintaining and hiring out traditional Kyrgyz Yurts since 2008, and have fans from all over the world, including the Kyrgyz Republic. 

YFL Speed Yurt Building Championships:


The race will begin at 2pm on both days in the live demo area! 

At the beginning of the competition, a team of YFL experts will put up a 10ft yurt, showing us how it’s done and setting a time to beat.  

Then, teams of 2 - 4 volunteers will go head to head to beat each other in assembling their own 10ft yurts. 


The winning team from each 1 on 1 round will be awarded a bottle of Prosecco!  

The team with the fastest build time across the whole competition will be awarded YFL Speed Yurt Builders Championship Trophy, announced at the end of the show, and entered onto our leader board! 

If a team manages to beat the experts time, then they’ll be awarded with a bottle of Champagne!

How to enter

To enter to be one of the lucky volunteer teams, please contact Jess at Yurts for Life on 

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