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Propelling venues into high-rent earning potential with the latest luxury accommodation solution on the market. MOSS Design and Build have made it their mission to realise the dreams of landowners looking to create that something extra special for guests.

As the ‘glamping’ phase of holiday resorts becomes a saturated market, venues need to evolve to be able to stand out from the overpopulated crowd and provide guests with unique experiences that they won’t find elsewhere. Many sites offer a recurring style of timber huts and lodges that are repeated across the country so couples, families and friends are now looking for new and individual places to host their event or to escape for a relaxing getaway. The focus is now turning to a more indulgent side of holidaying.

By offering the latest deluxe accommodation businesses will open-up their venues to a wider range of holiday makers looking for something different to the masses and will be able to make a much higher revenue and return on their investment. You don’t have to look far to see and hear that guests are willing to pay much higher than average rates for that rare exclusivity. 

MOSS Design and Build have been busy over the last few years evolving their timber building designs and ensuring that they are one step ahead of the market, to suit the progression of their clients’ businesses. These luxury sustainable buildings are known as ‘MOSSpods’. The most recent range of pre-designed units added to their collection is the ‘River Range’, which benefit from the same very high quality specification as their luxury ‘Park Range’ but are a playful, more contemporary design.

MOSS Design and Build was created by a team of practicing architects, designers and craftsmen to provide high-end timber buildings at a fraction of the cost and timescale of traditionally procured build projects. Architect Jonathan Lees and Designer Lydia Niven recognised that many clients were approaching them with requests to design small ‘eco-buildings’ for uses as accommodation units, home offices and summerhouses etc and found that their progressive design style and traditional detailing were very popular. The pre-designed modular ‘MOSSpods’ were born from a desire to provide their clients with a more affordable solution for their projects that would eliminate costs usually associated with traditional builds. MOSS Design and Build now provide a full design and construction service for all aspects of a client’s project dreams, from creating contemporary extensions and individual bespoke buildings to full site landscaping schemes for larger developments.

As we all know, there has been a significant increase in the need for landowners to get creative in the diversification of their businesses. The best way to propel a business into earning high-end rents from their land is to provide guests with exceptional accommodation and an experience they won’t find elsewhere on the market. The MOSS team have been designing many eco-sites and diversification projects recently, each of which are entirely unique and bespoke to their clients. A huge plus for developing their own construction methods and modular system is that they can install their units in a matter of weeks with a large proportion of the structure made off-site.

The MOSS team has extensive experience designing and acquiring planning permission for eco-holiday accommodation, many have been within conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONBs) and even sites within meters of protected species of flora and fauna. Their latest appointment has seen them designing subterranean lodges for exclusive, hidden accommodation within the Welsh landscape and which provide next-level interaction with the countryside for guests.

To find out more information about MOSS Design and Build, have a browse on their new website and come and chat to them on stand 740 at the show. 

Get creative with your ideas for the future and have a chat to a MOSS designer to start your business transformation for the coming season. 

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