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Defender Bird Spikes send the birds packing from holiday cottage!

Defender Bird Spikes are manufactured by Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies in the UK. From their warehouse in Devon they send spikes all over the world, however it was a small installation in their home county that provided their latest triumph.

Dave Jones, the company’s director and spike inventor explained; “Mrs Jackson, who owns a holiday cottage on the South Devon coastline called to say their customers were having issues with jackdaws, pigeons and doves roosting in the guttering overlooking the patio of the holiday cottage. Firstly, we established that the birds were using this roosting spot during the early hours of the morning whilst waiting for a neighbour nearby to come and scatter stale bread for the local bird population. Mr and Mrs Jackson were getting complaints from holiday makers about mess on the patio furniture and they were concerned it could lead to some bad reviews! Fortunately for the cottage owners and their customers Defender bird spikes could offer a solution. A line of Defender Gutter Spikes clipped onto the edge of the guttering would make the viewpoint uninhabitable for the birds and they would move elsewhere. 

David continued; “In picture one you can clearly see the bird on the edge of the guttering. The pigeons only used this spot because they had a perfect view of the feeding table in the opposite garden. In picture 2 you can see the strips of Defender Gutter Spikes installed along the guttering. We also advised Mrs Jackson to use some of our Germ Clear Bird Droppings Cleaner to dampen down the bird droppings on the patio and the furniture before washing away with warm water. We are pleased to report that Mr and Mrs Jackson have had no complaints and only 5 star reviews since installing the Defender Gutter Spikes. 

Mr Jackson, the joint owner of the holiday cottage undertook the installation himself, he said; “This was a perfect fix for us. I was already carrying out maintenance on the roof of the property so access was not an issue, and with the installation guide provided by the company installing the spikes could not of been easier. I would highly recommend to other property owners with a similar problem.”

Don’t put up with nuisance birds and their associated noise and mess on your holiday property just give Jones and Son a call and they can advise you which product you need and how to install. They are also offering trade prices for anyone who quotes ‘The Holiday Park and Innovation Show 2017’ and a free sample pack for all new trade customers. 

Come and see us at stand 2573 at the show

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