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Tree Tents – the next chapter

It started with a hunger for the stillness of the woodlands, for the way time breaks apart in the treetops. It’s not something you can explain, you have to know it firsthand. To bring people into that experience takes smart design and a commitment to leaving the woods as they are, rather than building against or around them.

Tree Tents grew out of this love of the woods. It’s an effort to help draw others into the timelessness of wild places, and to preserve them at the same time. We’re not just making tents or glamping structures. We’re redefining what it means to have a modern relationship with nature.

How It All Started

Innovative balloon and aerospace engineers teamed up with a sustainable product designer. With a little old fashioned craftsmanship thrown into the mix, the first Tree Tent concept was born. 

Founder Jason Thawley spent three years designing the first Tree Tent. When the design went live on the website, he got a phone call. Channel 4 wanted to feature our design on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, they wanted to see it built!

So he got out the tools and the first Tree Tent grew into a reality, right there on camera. The phone didn’t stop ringing after that. People wanted to connect with the woodlands in the way that Tree Tents provided. Because the amazing space, of course, isn’t just the Tree Tent. It’s the treetops.

The Next Generation of Designs

Tree Tents have grown and branched out since that first model. With rigorous testing, we developed a product that’s lightweight and durable, comfortable for guests and lucrative for landowners. Most importantly, it’s made from the most sustainable and high quality materials we could get our hands on, with attention to detail in the design and no impact on the surrounding wilderness. We’re a values-led business, committed to a product that delivers for people and planet.

In November last year that commitment was recognised when Tree Tent was honoured at the Farm Business Innovation Show with the coveted Innovation Award. And now we’re developing the next generation of hideaways, the Firma Shell, the Tree Wing and soon the Fuselage, which is waiting to be built. New installs are sprouting up all across Britain and even venturing into Scandinavia. 

What Does the Tree Tent Mean?

It’s more than a way for us to enjoy wild spaces. It’s a way for us to give back to them. When the woodlands have our attention, when they have our heart, it changes how we live. That’s good for the planet, and healthy for people.

It also means you can convert your land into a unique and unforgettable destination. You can provide a space that’s tucked away, outside of time, where people can find refuge in the heart of the woods. Treehouses are the most sought after glamping structures available. They’re consistently booked up because people like to breathe the free air of the treetops. And it’s made even better in a sustainable, comfortable environment with the modern amenities that Tree Tents afford.

It means that we’ve all found something we can agree upon. Something where everybody gains. Getting people to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed and comfortable way doesn’t have a downside. It’s a positive experience for everyone involved, and for the earth itself. Because in the woods, you’re no longer surfing time; you’re deep inside time.

We’re happy we’ve come this far, and that you, if you’re reading this and if you love the woodlands, are a part of the process. With every Tree Tent that goes up, we’re using innovative design to deepen our relationship with the earth.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, while maximising the potential of your land, be sure to visit us on Stand 683 at the show this year, get in touch on or explore more at We can't wait to chat to you about your ideas!  

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