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The Power of a Hot Tub

Report from Blue Chip Holidays below:

We’ve always picked out properties that go the extra mile when it comes to facilities and features, and it’s becoming increasingly important to our guests that a property offers a hot tub. Just over 15% of the properties on our portfolio offer a private or communal hot tub, and in the period between the start of June 2016 and the end of May 2017, we found that properties with hot tubs to their name achieved a staggering 62% more revenue than those without. 

The proof is in the bookings

Tydd St Giles is a lakeside lodge resort in the Cambridgeshire countryside, and we welcomed two of its properties – Carnoustie and Augusta – to our portfolio in October 2016. Both lodges have been graded as 4* Platinum by our in-house Quality Assessor, but we’ve noticed an interesting difference in their booking performances.

Carnoustie is larger than Augusta, and its interior design meets a slightly higher standard than Augusta’s. However, where we might have expected to see the lodges perform very similarly in terms of their booking numbers, or even for Carnoustie to outperform Augusta, the fact that Augusta has a hot tub is reflected in the figures. In the period between October 2016 and April 2017, Augusta took 23 bookings and Carnoustie took 11.

We saw a similar story at Moorland View, a beautiful lodge resort in the countryside near Newton Abbot in Devon. The site’s home to The Croft and Moor Nook, a pair of contemporary lodges with rural views and a 4* Platinum rating.

Both lodges joined the Blue Chip portfolio in January 2017, and in the period between then and April 2017, it became clear that Moor Nook’s booking performance is far stronger than neighbouring The Croft.  Moor Nook took 17 bookings during this period, while The Croft achieved 6. Again, it seems that, when faced with similar properties with and without hot tubs, they will opt for the one with the hot tub.

Why install a hot tub?

We know that features such as hot tubs are becoming increasingly important to many of our guests when choosing their perfect holiday properties, and the lodges at Tydd St Giles and Moorland View are examples of just how much a hot tub can affect your property’s performance. If your property doesn’t currently have a hot tub, installing one is a great way to increase your holiday let’s appeal for guests and increase potential revenue.

Not only does offering a hot tub enable you to take advantage of the high demand for breaks with hot tubs, but it also enables you to extend the season. The market for romantic winter breaks is huge, and guests looking for that cosy retreat for two are far more likely to choose a winter hideaway with a bubbling hot tub to welcome them. 

Installing a hot tub outside a lodge is simple, and we can help by recommending a supplier, and even securing your preferential rates through our procurement service. For more information, please contact Hannah Jenner on 0333 331 4628

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