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Data driven cleaning swings into monkey attraction

Using the digital cleaning solution Tork EasyCube™, Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands has managed to lift cleaning quality and drop complaints significantly in just one season. 

Apenheul has a wide range of apes and monkeys, many of which roam freely. 70 employees work year-round to keep the park running, as well as 250 seasonal workers. The season of 2015 was exceptionally busy, which was good for business but unfortunately led to many complaints about cleaning and washrooms. 

“Think about when you go to a restaurant. If the washrooms are a mess you don’t want to see the kitchen. The same goes for parks: dirty washrooms affect the visitors’ overall experience” says Erwin Cheizoo, Operations Manager at Apenheul.

So, he decided to do something about it. This year, Cheizoo has implemented Tork EasyCubeTM – a digital cleaning management solution. By connecting devices in the park washrooms, Tork EasyCubeTM gives employees mobile access to information on cleaning and refill needs, available in real-time.

“Now I have an instant overview of the facilities from my desk. Tork EasyCubeTM has given me the tools to see exactly how we’re doing and improve how we manage cleaning,” he says.

Armed with the data from Tork EasyCubeTM, Cheizoo and his staff could see that more people were visiting the washrooms than they thought. They adjusted cleaning straight away, allocating more staff where and when they were needed most. The data shows the impact clearly. When comparing the first and the last week of this year’s peak season, the time with empty dispensers has decreased by over 60 percent.

Using Tork EasyCubeTM has also had a tangible effect on working life at Apenheul. Having the right resources means the person cleaning can take the time needed to do the job well.

Operations Manager Erwin Cheizoo and his teams have become more involved in the cleaning, and are shifting from static schedules to need-based cleaning. Their ambition has always been to take the perspective of the customer in everything they do. Thanks to Tork EasyCubeTM, that is now true for the washrooms as well.

“I was surprised that Tork EasyCubeTM could change the way we think. Now that we are used to the system we can keep one step ahead. If you love your customers, you have to try this system – it will make you think like them.” 





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