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TMS provides solution for exterior flooring

In Clip&Ride, TMS supplies a system consisting of tough plastic slabs suited to outdoor usage, where the sub-soil is boggy/waterlogged. 

Large surfaces are easily covered in a short amount of time with the “Clip & Ride” slabs. No more people getting stuck in mud and wheelbarrows or vehicles ruining meadows and lawns. Mud belongs to the past thanks to these budget friendly slabs. 

This multifunctional slab is a superb ecological and economic alternative to all types of exterior flooring. The uncomplicated laying allows a quick implementation of large surfaces.  The slabs come with and without holes. They are easy to remove and reuse.

Although no subgrade is needed, it is recommended to level out the surface. The slabs level out slightly uneven grounds.


High load and bearing capacity. Wear and abrasion resistant. Choice between a squared “impermeable” slab or a “permeable” slab with holes.

Thanks to its easy assembly, the laying is stable and the cutting easy and economic because the slab can be laid in the event of poor conditions like mud, meadows, gravel or sand.

·         High bearing and heavy load capacity  

·         Wear and abrasion resistant

·         Can be laid on mud, grass, gravel or sand

·         Easily removed and reused 

·         Easily cleaned by brushing or using a high-pressure water hose

·         100% recyclable and ecological

·         Resilient

·         Electrically non-conducting

·         Non-flammable


Open stables or loose housing, transit facilities, sidewalks and access roads to tents, parks, events,…

Carports, garden sheds, golf courses, landscape architecture. 

Laying without subgrade. Slabs with or without holes, 100% compatible. Resilient, electrically non-conducting, non-flammable. Easy cleaning by brushing or high-pressure.

If you can easily remove and replace the slabs. 100% recyclable and ecological.

• Open stables or loose housing

• Sidewalks and access roads to tents, parks, open-air events

• Carports, garden sheds, golf courses…

Mud is a thing of the past! Gone are the days of leaving people up to their ankles in mud, and wheelbarrows or vehicles spoiling meadows and lawns!

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