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Meet ‘Connie the Combine’ at Farm Themed Playground

Lee Valley Farm in Waltham Abbey, Essex, has enhanced its family picnic area with the addition of an exciting new farm themed playground designed and installed by Russell Play. Alongside the picnic tables children can now play at being a farmer, a vet or a farm shop owner while other family members may choose to relax with a drink from Lee Valley Farm’s own Orchard Cafe.

The Picnic and Play area of Lee Valley Farm is situated right in the centre of the farm so it is visited at some point by most families during their day out. The playground’s central location makes it a focal point in the farm and so has enhanced its overall appearance and has become a small attraction in itself within Lee Valley Farm.

The tough Robinia timber structures include ‘Connie the Combine’, a large combine harvester that children can climb on, crawl through and slide down or pretend to drive. Likewise with ‘Tex the Tractor’ a small tractor complete with trailer for smaller children which also has a slide. For more farm pretend play, kids can use the wooden vet clinic or buy and sell things at the play farm shop. Complementing these in a similar natural wood material are a roundabout, a tyre swing, some hay bales to balance on and also some playful carved animals including a sheep.

The thinking behind the concept was that as well as experiencing the traditional aspects of a farm visit like feeding and handling the animals and seeing the real farm equipment and buildings, the children could then have fun with play versions of these elements. There are even sand and water play areas to add to the mix of activities.


Come and visit us at stand 424, at the show, to see how a well designed play area can enhance the attraction of your business.

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