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Are Tents a Thing of the Past?

With the English summer in full flow (can someone tell the weather please?) and camping season upon us, families are grabbing their tents and heading for the great outdoors.

What better way to relax than by toasting marshmallows by an open fire, surrounded by nature? That is until you can’t work out how to put up the tent, the rain leaks in, and the sound of nature keeps you awake.

This is one of reasons glamping, or luxury camping is on the rise in the UK.  It ticks all the boxes for those looking to experience nature without having to sacrifice on comfort.

And so, more and more campsites are now offering alternative accommodation which combats the hassles of the pesky tent.  But move aside tippees, yurts, bell tents, log cabins, pods and domes, there’s a new kid in town and this is why we think a glamped-up container makes the perfect home from home!

No difficult instructions

For campsite owners getting a converted glamping container placed on site could not be easier. Once installed, it’s just a case of adding furniture, and your own finishing touches to the interior and exterior, such as soft furnishings and decking.

Campers, you can then step straight out of your car and into your comfortable, already constructed, home for the night. Not only that, but you can sleep in a real bed, so the sleeping bag can be left at home. The days of fighting with tent poles in the rain, only to sleep on the floor are over.

You can stay dry and warm

Anyone who has camped before will know how rain can find its way into a tent, no matter how watertight it claims to be on the packet. The good news is, you will never have to worry about rain leaking into a converted container. When your ‘tent’ is made out of steel, campers don’t have to worry about soggy clothes anymore.

The fun can continue after dark…

In a tent, the family activities tend to stop as the sun goes down (unless you all have night vision). Glamping in a container however, the fun can continue well after dark (oo-er). With fitted certified electrical fixtures, including sockets and lights, the family doesn’t need to sit in the dark and can use their gadgets until their hearts’ content.


With your standard family camping trip, valuables normally need to stay in the car, as a tent has no guarantee of security. With a glamping container, the whole family can sleep soundly in the knowledge their gadgets are safe behind, secure double-glazed windows and a steel door that locks from the outside and inside.

Interested in finding out more about glamping in a converted container? Mr Box, part of the Mobile Mini family has helped campsite owners convert containers into luxury glamping accommodation, which are proving to be very popular.  

Give us a call or find out more here


Versatile and robust in nature, shipping containers can be used in so many different ways, other than for storage. From cafes, homes and shops, to farms, ice-cream parlours and workshops, you’d be surprised at some of the interesting and alternative container conversions out there.

The inherent strength and durability, teamed with modular nature and affordability of a steel storage container makes them an attractive material for many design projects. Not to mention the cost benefits and speed of which they can be constructed.

Mr Box has many years of experience in advising customers on container conversions. We can convert containers for almost any use by joining them together and modifying to suit, including fitting doors, windows, insulation, electricity, air-conditioning and many other enhancements.


If you have an idea for a special container conversion, get in touch and we’ll help you to develop your design from an idea to a reality.





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