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Enter “The Great Linseed Challenge” at FBI ’17

Grown well, linseed can out-perform OSR and even rival wheat; to prove that we want to find the best linseed growers in the country with The Great Linseed Challenge. Prizes include a DroneAg package and free ARTIS training courses. 

Launched by Premium Crops in association with CPM magazine, there are three awards categories in the Great Linseed Challenge;

• Best Net Margin per hectare

• Best Overall Yield

• Best Innovation in Linseed agronomy

It is open to grower of both winter and spring linseed and the Innovation award is open to agronomists too.

You can be a long-time grower of the crop or a complete novice. All that's needed to qualify for entry is to grow a minimum of 8 hectares for harvest 2018.

Winter or Spring sown, you can grow any variety under any agronomic regime, as long as it's legal.

With well over 25 years experience with the crop, we know that linseed has the capability to perform extremely well under the right management. We're looking for growers prepared to push the boundaries, search out the subtle tactics and apply the attention to detail that will get an award winning result.

Prizes include; a DronaAg Mavic Agri Pro package includes a small form-factor foldable quad-copter, full training and a 3 month software subscription; A “Meet the Breeders” visit to France for two; and, £500 worth of ARTIS training vouchers.

To enter the competition and to find out more visit or come and see us on stand 1076.

CPM magazine will be monitoring the Challenge throughout with feature articles highlighting best practice among the UK's top linseed growers, agronomy updates and related stories. Winners will be announced in CPM magazine in June 2019.


Winter Linseed

- Opportunity to earn over £1000/ha

- No Flea Beetles

- Replaces rapeseed in the rotation

To find out more call Premium Crops on 02392 632883 or visit   


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