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Hasty’s create all-weather play

Hasty’s Adventure Park is a brand new attraction in Clacton-on-sea. Spread over 5 hectares, the attraction includes a petting zoo, paddocks, ponds and go kart track and, one of its key features, an undercover adventure play area, designed and installed by Timberplay.

The unavoidable problem for UK attractions is the weather, outdoor sites can often suffer in the peak season as a result of the rain. To counteract this, Hasty’s have constructed their play area under a large Roundhouse Cattle Shed. With open sides, the play areas still feels as if it is outdoors, fresh air can flow around the build and children can run in and out as they wish and Hasty’s is a weatherproof attraction, with shade from the sun and protection from the rain.

The Hasty’s play areas has been designed and created with older children in mind, with a mammoth bespoke climbing forest. Three towers dominate the space, with net walkways and bridges spanning the gaps between. Once children have negotiated their way to the top they can choose to carry on clambering around at height, or come back to earth via slides, fireman’s poles or climbing walls. Balance beams and generous ropes provide lower level challenge and a sand safety surface guarantees a soft landing. This combination of ropes, bridges, nets and walkways provides the ultimate in flexible fun as children can pit their way around the course, choosing the path that best suits them. Hammocks also serve as the perfect rest stop if it all becomes too much.

From Timberplay’s perspective, the Hasty’s project had some very specific issues. Ensuring that all the equipment fitted safely under the canopy demanded very careful design and installation. This all went smoothly and the work was completed in time for the opening.

Penny Smith, Owner and Manager of Hasty’s commented:-

“I approached Timberplay as I felt their approach to pushing the boundaries of play, imagination and adventure struck a real chord with what we wanted. They coped with our out of the box way of thinking and rose to the challenge of designing something unique for us. The installation team were brilliant, we had left them with many challenges to bring the design to life but they did a fantastic job and made us completely confident in the quality of the whole finished project.”


Come and see Timberplay’s Creative Play Consultant, Beth Cooper deliver a seminar at the Farm Business Innovation Show which looks at using play effectively to enhance your visitor experience on Thursday November 9th at 2pm.


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