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Plans for new hotel development at Twin Lakes revealed

The luxury waterfront lodge park is located at what were previously the old Tewitfield fisheries in Carnforth, Lancashire. Coined as “the gateway to the Lake District”, Twin Lakes Country Club boasts over 50 high-end lodges as well as a fine dining restaurant and luxury spa facilities.

If the planning application submitted to Lancaster City Council is approved, the lodge site will expand to include a brand new 15-bed hotel, increasing the current accommodation offering of the Country Club.

Lodge Quest’s new proposal is an extension to last year’s plans of adding the restaurant and spa to the site, which was given the go ahead back in June 2016. The amendment to the plans now include the construction of a third storey above the restaurant and spa floors, which will provide enough space to include the 15 suites proposed.

Lodge Quest’s application highlights the importance of Twin Lakes' new facilities, stating that since the Country Club is “being built and marketed as a high quality development, the existence of a high quality leisure facility is expected by residents”.

Twin Lakes have already experienced an increase in sales and bookings following the proposal’s approval last year, and they believe the addition of the hotel will further this growth.

"After considerable thought and analysis, the applicant looked into the possibility of turning this additional space into a revenue generating area.”

"The proposed use fits well with the other previously approved uses and the additional income generated by these rooms will offset both the cost of the suites and the construction for the foundations, which makes the building a viable proposition."

Source: Insider Media

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