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Ribble Valley Borough Council have finally approved Moorgate Farm's application to build a glamping holiday site on their land following their re-submission last month.

The development forms part of a plan by Moorgate Farm to diversify into tourism, thus creating an additional income stream away from agriculture alone.

Up to eight Wigwam camping pods will be installed at the farm, along with a car park for guests next to the farm buildings. The development will also include disabled parking places near the pods themselves, as well as a drop off and pick up zone.

The timber pods will house four adults each, or alternatively a family of five, and will be fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom.

Wigwam Holidays’ director, Charles Gulland, expressed his complete support for the scheme, saying: "We have visited the site and met Mr and Mrs McDonnell and feel they have the passion and commitment to set up and operate a successful and sustainable business. It is our opinion that the proposed site in Dinckley, on the land attached to Moorgate Farm, would be a unique and high quality destination."

"It is important to emphasise that the Wigwam brand would attract visitors to the area and not displace existing business."

Although the project has now been approved, there are some conditions the McDonnell family has to meet if they want to go ahead with the scheme. From restricting pod occupancy to 90 days a year, to ensuring that guests are respectful of the environment and don’t bring any unnamed guests to the site. If any of these rules are broken, guests will be asked to leave without receiving any sort of refund.

Additionally, the McDonnell’s have to make sure they work alongside Wigwam Holidays when management of the site is concerned.

Visit Wigwam® Holidays on stand 230 at the Farm Business Innovation Show. Read more here

Source: Lancashire Telegraph

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