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Upon attending the Royal Norfolk Show, Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced that the latest technological developments in agriculture could help farmers produce, sell and export more post-Brexit.

The show brought together businesses and researchers within the agricultural sector, who met at the ‘Innovation Hub’ to discuss the latest technology and innovation. The newest technology in the market was presented to the public at the show, and the positive reaction from the audience suggests these new approaches to agriculture are likely to be implemented by UK farmers in the near future.

Amongst the innovations on display was FitBit for cows, a software which monitors a herd’s health, and Agrimetrics, a hub containing big data from the agri-food community to help farmers increase crop production.

“Emerging technologies will play a vital role in boosting productivity and growth, unlocking the full potential of our farming industry as we adapt to a rapidly changing world and maintain our leading role on the global stage outside the European Union,” says Environmental Secretary Michael Gove.

“The East of England is a real hotbed of agricultural innovation and the enthusiasm and passion of the region’s farmers, who exported a record £1.6bn of food and drink last year, is truly inspirational.”

The contribution of the agri-tech industry to the overall economy in the UK is an impressive £14.4bn due to the involvement of such technology in the UK’s food and drink industry. Moreover, a report established that by 2017, the agricultural robotics industry will grow to be worth $12bn on its own, which highlights the projected growth within agricultural innovation worldwide.

Currently, the government’s agri-tech strategy has put £160m into the development of innovative solutions to farmers’ problems, from the laboratory all the way to the farm.

Agri-Tech East’s Director, Dr Belinda Clarke, said: “By bringing progressive farmers, who are willing to pilot new approaches, together with those who have potential solutions, Agri-Tech East is facilitating a step-change in agri-food production that is productive, profitable and sustainable.”

Source: Farming UK

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