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Case Study - Glamp-in-Style

Glamp-in-Style sits in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, the nearest neighbour over ½ a mile away through the fields. Beautiful though it is, Rosemary and Graham Louis needed to make a change that would sustain them and allow them to remain living in this idyllic location. Luckily, an opportunity came to them in the form of the Farm Business Innovation Show! Graham saw an ad for the event in a country business magazine and followed up online. The couple already had Glamping in mind as an option for diversification and the Farm Business Show offered the perfect opportunity to see if it would be for them. 

Graham had his heart set on safari tents, “I thought oh dear, another one of his ideas!” said Rosemary, who then confessed that seeing them in person at the show was a world of difference from looking at them online. And seeing potential products are not the only reason they found the Farm Business Show such a catalyst to their success, the expert seminars also played a key role in making Glamp-in-Style happen. 

“We planned out beforehand which seminars we thought would be useful and went to those notebook in hand, then we visited the exhibitors in between the talks that we wanted to see,” Rosemary explains. After two days the couple left full of inspiration and plans to make their dream a reality!

With planning permission obtained, taps and water hooked up and the tents on the way to their property, they were set to start advertising! “I wanted to wait to really start advertising until we had the tents on site with us, I didn’t want to get too ahead of things” Rosemary explains. Even with this delay in marketing they were able to open on time this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 2017 and since then the bookings have been steady and look to be going up! “It has been better than we thought,” said Rosemary, “they are just part of the place now, so unobtrusive!” The safari tents have allowed them to achieve just the feel that they were looking for, no extras, just people “chilling out” getting back to the countryside. With stables already onsite, you can even bring your own horse!

This year, Rosemary and Graham will be looking for new products that can enhance their business, such as solar powered lights that will fit the aesthetic along with booking systems and attending seminars to help them improve their marketing and increase their social media presence!

From planning permission expert panels and marketing and social media advice, to the products and tools at the heart of the venture, the Farm Business Show has everything you need to make your plans of expanding your rural business into a reality and our next success story could be about you! 


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