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Caravan Fire Safety!

UK holidays are becoming more and more popular so it is important that you keep both yourself and your guests safe

It is just as important that a caravan has a working smoke alarm like a home.

Ensure you know what the fire arrangements on the camp site are and where the nearest telephone is.

All caravans should be fitted with the below:

• Smoke detector

• Carbon monoxide detector

• Powder extinguisher

• Fire Blanket

A fire blanket should be kept in the kitchen area and a powder extinguisher should be kept by the entrance.  Both the smoke and carbon monoxide detector should be tested weekly to ensure the batteries are working. Carbon monoxide detectors have a limited life which is usually between 5-7 years.  A replacement date should be written on a sticker and placed on the unit.  The check button on the alarm relates to the battery only. 

All alarms and fire fighting equipment should be installed, tested and maintained in a working order by a competent person and be available to inspection by or on behalf of, the Licensing Authority. A logbook should be kept to record all tests and any remedial action.

To learn more contact MCFP



Phone:  01869 252600

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