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This development hopes to transform the Hurworth Burn Reservoir into a luxurious holiday park featuring a watersports centre as well as the high-end luxury cabins.

If the project gets the green light by the council, the future resort just off of Middlesbrough will be worth £8.5m.

“This project aims to bring a new lease of life to the former Hartlepool Water Reservoir at Hurworth Burn,” states the planning application currently under consideration by the Durham County Council.

“This will bring visitors into the local area, create jobs, and also create beneficial knock on effects to other tourist attractions in the locality and the wider region.”

The area will also include an 81 pitch touring caravan, and with the mix on offer by including the watersports centre with its own cafe and restaurant it hopes to attract a wide range of visitors to the site. 

“The proposal is unique, due to the opportunity to reuse a former reservoir for leisure activities.”

The woodland available will be used for leisure activities such as archery and orienteering, and on top of that the site also benefits from access to the Castle Eden walkway - popular with hikers, cyclists and naturalists.

“On doing market research we believe there is nothing quite like this in the area. Our early discussions with the local tourism officer proved positive and we were provided with positive feedback.”

“There is also an opportunity to take advantage of the wildlife on the eastern side of the reservoir, which will also provide another attraction to the site.”

As well as the opportunities provided by the location, the development will also support local businesses - with an estimated £800,000 a year predicted to be spent by holidaymakers who stay overnight. 

Source: Gazette Live

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