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Power to the Customer

Fairness is a word that has come up a lot in our industry recently, but what some don’t realise is that it isn’t just about giving customers the best deal for their energy supply. It’s about making sure that consistency, clarity and control are part of the bargain too.

The energy market has always been an unpredictable place, and we’re all too aware of the confusion that this unpredictability can cause. Energy companies don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to fairness (pricing in particular springs to mind) and so we make simplicity one of our main priorities; that way you can be busy doing what you do best, not worrying about energy supply.

CNG represents an alternative choice for businesses, and we have the power and the responsibility to shake things up with new solutions that stay in tune both with reality with our customers.  Our award-winning Customer First approach is changing our corner of the market and as a result, we’re growing; not just in size, but in our range of services. On top of that, we’re doing our bit to raise standards across the board by actually bringing new business to market – more competition, means suppliers work harder for you, the customer.

Fairness and honesty are the values that spark the very core of our business, allowing us to ‘Power Up’ our customers. Through excellent communication, transparency and a willingness to go the extra mile (while remaining fair and competitive on price), our customers feel the benefit of our approach day in and day out.

Bigger than Profit is crucial to our business model, but it is just one of our ‘Seven Crazy Ideas’ that shape how we work with and for our customers, as well as within our own team. In full, these are:

1 – Take away the pain

2 – Let’s be bigger than profit

3 – Get stuff right

4 – Work with good people

5 – Just do stuff

6 – Do the right thing

7 – Be happy 

A simple, yet very effective group of statements that we live by, making energy easier.


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