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Seiont Manor hotel expansion plans

Paul and Rowena Williams of Rural Retreats & Leisure, have taken over the hotel which is near Llanrug with the exciting plans of adding more facilities.

Plans include to installation of 30 holiday lodges, yurts and treehouses a function room and spa locate in the grounds. To create awareness of these plans and to grow visitor numbers wedding fairs and open days will be held onsite.

Rowena said:

“As the hotel was not sustainable with the existing income streams and projections, we had to seriously look at how the business was run and how we could improve it to make it sustainable securing 42 jobs that were TUPE across when we purchased the business… Taking into account the huge demand for tourism and also local demand for good quality restaurants, weddings, conferences and function venues, we looked at how we could maximise those income streams.”

Paul said:

“We have looked at other offerings in the area and have come up with a draft outline of what we believe would be acceptable to the local authority within the grounds which we have. The first step us to consult with them using the preplanning application advice service which they offer. We have shown on the plans the areas which we wish to develop and improve. The key is to transform the outlook a focus of the hotel to the lake and surrounding meadows. This can easily be achieved by extending the restaurant which will also allow us to take more diners.”

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