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Offer guests a fresh perspective during their visit

Create an eclectic, cutting edge building to provide additional space and rental income and really stand out from the crowd …….

In the growing leisure industry, it is crucial to create a truly unique experience for your customers. Earn anything between £200 and £1500 per night by investing in a bespoke project such as a treehouse or unique timber building. Whilst your initial investment will be higher, the return can be significant.  ‘Under occupancy’ becomes a thing of the past with a large proportion of treehouse bespoke accommodation having 10 months advanced bookings.

 The unique space you can create has a wealth of opportunities including weddings and dining experiences. The options are infinite - we can create space which is truly unique and is unlike anywhere else in the world.

 Our buildings are environmentally friendly and provide the perfect environment for a more eco approach to living. Our timber builds are ‘sustainable builds’ and materials are sourced with sustainability as a priority. Log burners and eco hot tubs add further luxury with only a small increase in the footprint. This is also our approach with the access platforms to and from the spaces we create. Either across a river or treehouse to treehouse, there’s nothing quite like a rope bridge, using sustainable and natural materials.

Setting the trend and designing an exclusive space for your land enables you to sell an escape, a retreat and an adventure all in the same evening!

Leigh Smallwood

CEO Smallwood ltd/ Smallwood Bespoke Project Developments/  Smallwood Treehouses/ Smallwood Creations. 

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