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The development of Glamping

With European holidays growing ever more pricey and inaccessible the great British summer holiday is making a huge comeback. 

Many land owners are realising the potential of this lucrative market by diversifying parts of their land for the setting up and running of a campsite.

It is a simple process and many participants have seen their incomes rise dramatically as a result.

Brits now spend over 2.4 billion each year on domestic camping holidays with more now taking place in the UK than trips to Spain and Greece combined.

Glamping is upmarket camping whereby the ‘glamp site’ provides the accommodation in the form of camping pods complete with all the home comforts and mod cons all ready for when their guests arrive.

This business model neatly avoids the infrastructure costs of having to provide toilets, running water and power hook ups for hundreds of pitches. Starting off with just 3 or 4 ‘Glamping’ pitches with an inexpensive composting toilet, revenues of 2 -£3k per month are easily achievable. Then it’s a simple case of scaling up as far as is comfortable.

There are a variety of Glamping structures available ranging in cost and complexity from basic tents to more lavish yurts and if budgets allow to wooden caravans or mobile shepherd huts.

Furnishing and the service provided make a big difference; of course, as it is with a hotel room, but with Glamping the look and feel of the accommodation itself is important. Novelty and differentiation from competitors have been shown to be the key to ensuring immediate success.

It’s crucial that accommodation ‘feels’ luxurious for it to be able to command a premium price tag. After all, for £250 for the weekend minimum, customers need to feel like they are getting value for money.

The Lotus Belle tent is a new and exciting product. A very unique looking tent hand made from the highest quality 360 gram canvas with cutting edge water, rot and fire retardant treatments.

Lotus Belles are very simple to use and can be pitched by one person in half an hour. They are easily cleaned, stored and repaired if necessary. Each Lotus Belle comes with a one-year manufacturing guarantee, however even with heavy use the tents should last for many years.

With 18 square meters of standing space in the 5m model, being inside is a totally different experience to that of a standard bell tent. It's a huge living space with oodles of liberating head room.

They have great credentials in the alternative living and festival world. Lotus Belles are being used for healing, therapeutic and meditative spaces at events, yoga retreats and are a very popular VIP festival pod with over 100 deployed at Glastonbury each year where unbelievably they fetch £1500 each for the weekend (not including the festival tickets!).

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