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Company bounces into action as demand for trampolines grow

The new Capital in-ground trampolines are the first purpose-built high rebound trampolines that conform to commercial-use safety standards.  This now means holiday parks, farm parks and virtually any other commercial setting can be assured of their equipment complying with EN1176 (Playground Safety Standards) when installing this popular attraction.

Previously the only purpose-built in-ground trampolines that conformed to this standard were either very small in size or low rebound. However with the added safety feature (optional) of a robust, fully padded safety net, these in-ground trampolines give the same sort of experience to the user as a domestic or trampoline park trampoline.

Sales of this British designed in-ground trampoline have risen on the back of the surge in popularity of trampoline parks throughout the UK and have proved to be just as popular in schools as in adventure playgrounds and holiday parks.

In a similar vain Capital Play have also brought out a range of modular trampoline systems, which allow commercial leisure parks to have their own trampoline park of various jump fields within a compact space, all designed to the specifications of the individual client.

For more information on commercial grade above ground or in-ground trampolines please call on 01276 855600 or email:

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