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Plastic Solutions Ltd Latest Press Release

New Product Release

We’re pleased to announce the launch of three new products for the glamping and leisure industries.  Our expanded range of above ground, “Flat Tank” storage tanks have attracted widespread interest when exhibited and are designed to slide underneath or sit behind shepherds’ huts and log cabins to capture waste from toilets, showers and sinks. They’re handily named Flat Tank 500, Flat Tank 750 and Flat Tank 1000. How big are they? The clues are in the names, in gallons.

Why would this be important? If a mains sewer is not available and you’re not able to install an underground tank due to planning issues; a high water table; proximity to a water course; tree roots or an SSSI (amongst many other reasons), then our 500, 750 or 1000 gallon flat tanks will give you the solution to position your glamping units just where you want them. And when you decide to move those units to somewhere else on your land, as your business grows and develops, the Flat Tank can simply be emptied and moved, usually without the need for heavy lifting equipment and expensive groundworks.

A potted company history

Glampsan was created as a division of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd, a company which has been selling its own market-leading plastic tanks into other industries for some years. The management team boasts over 60 years of collective experience in the waste industry, with people who’ve managed manufacturing companies, sales teams and portable toilet operations. After all, whether we’re advising you about controlling waste from a shepherd’s hut or a construction site toilet, it’s the same waste “product” and we help you deal with it.

Hero product(s) 

To cater for the collection of liquid waste from toilets, showers and sinks on glamping sites, caravan and camping sites and leisure venues: we supply a range of plastic waste and water storage tanks, plus pumps, sewage lifting stations and complementary products for above and below ground applications. Our products help you capture waste on glamping sites, in particular (but not exclusively) for “off grid” sites where access to mains water and mains drainage is restricted or not available.

Any extra special people? 

The sales and marketing team is made up of Jon Trelfa and Karl Allen, who have many years of experience in the manufacturing and waste industries. Jon’s background has covered twice being Managing Director Europe for manufacturing and sales companies whilst Karl has long experience as a Senior Hire Controller for a portable toilet hire company. Both are at the forefront of Glampsan and you will almost certainly be dealing with one of them on the phone when you ring or email us.

We are most proud of?

We’re proud of the way in which we’re able to help our customers achieve their aims. Your guests are spending their hard-earned money to stay “off grid” and expect to have the same comforts as they would have at home: hot and cold running water, a shower and, in particular, private, flushing toilets. We help you achieve both your goals and your customers’ wishes.

Where can you find Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Limited at The Farm Business Innovation Show?

Stand Number: FR372


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