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Visits to UK by overseas tourists Hit Record-Breaking Figures

Post-Brexit travel hasn’t put tourists from abroad off from coming to the UK as new statistics reveal a record-breaking year for overseas visitors, despite fears that the Brexit vote would damage the UK economy.  

Post-Brexit holidays to the UK have increased to record-breaking numbers, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). In a recent study, the number of people visiting from abroad in 2017 hit 39.2 million, up four per cent from 2016. This is the highest figure ever recorded.

A whopping £24.5 billion was spent last year on visits to the UK, up by nine per cent.

Overseas visitors saw record numbers from China, India, the US, Australia and the EU. US tourists hit 3.9 million last year, the highest since 2000, while Chinese tourists were up 29% to 337,000. With them spending £3.6 billion and £694 million respectively, it is great news for the economy.

Popular attractions that saw tourists flock to visit included the British Museum (6.42 million), National Gallery (6.26 million) and Tate Modern (5.84 million). 

While tourism to the capital city of London is the most popular destination, other destinations outside reached record highs also. According to VisitBritain, 16.5 million visits were made outside of London in 2017.

Visit Britain director Patricia Yates said: “Tourism is one of Britain’s most valuable export industries and the strong growth across many of our high-value markets demonstrates our ability to attract international visitors in a fiercely competitive global industry, and to deliver economic growth right across the country.” 

Source: Express

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