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Japan’s Arai Ski Resort is new 'IT' destination

A unique adventure in the treetops of the beautiful forested area surrounding the former Designed by Japan’s Saido Landscape Design & built by Tandem Corporation, a unique adventure in the treetops of the beautiful forested area surrounding the former Primavera building awaits you.The River Course, which takes you over the beautiful Yashiro River, is a must-do experience.

Guest’s choose from 8 different courses at various heights and levels of difficulty when they arrive at the ski resort. 3 Courses and one zip line are equipped with Saferoller Continuous Belay System. “Saferoller (40 sets) by Kanopeo was introduced as a lifeline system for a children's challenge course. We are making efforts to maintain and inspect the site by providing information on the installation site, such as preparation of regular routes and preliminary arrangements for placing the clamps and using them”, explains Ito Tatsuya, Lotte Arai Resort. « The other courses are equipped with a self-belaying system »

Since this was a new concept for the area they needed to have on-going, detailed discussion with the local municipality to receive approval. Challenges were the development work including the logging plan of the remaining existing forest for a long period and the integration of the largest adventure park in Japan in a rich forest environment (Saido Corporation). It took them 14 months to realise this project. Arai Ski Resort expects 6,000- 7,000 hotel guest's.

Located in the Niigata Prefecture, only 21km north of Akakura Onsen of Myoko Kogen, Lotte Arai Resort re-opened in December 2017 with five ski lifts and is set to become one of Asia’s best resorts for international travellers! Located on the northern outskirts of the Myoko ski area approx. 2 hours from Tokyo, the resort averages a massive 15m of snow each season and offers a variety of terrain set over an impressive 951 metres of vertical descent.


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