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“Flotel” UK Glamping First

The UK’s first ever floating boutique hotel has just opened, boasting its own waterfront vista at the Hartlepool Marina in County Durham.

Offering just one room, the flotel’s pod offers guests the sensation of floating and has been compared to glamping on water.

Flotel creator Luke Robertson, founder of Robertson Marine Group, said the ‘flotel’ is perfect for keen fishermen, water-sports enthusiasts or just people who want to experience something a bit different.

“The glamping market is huge in the UK right now - but there is nothing at all out there like this.I have always lived by the sea and I just thought how good would it be if you could just stay on the water without it being as cramped as a boat.”

“It is giving people the sense of being on a boat but with all the luxuries you could possibly need. No space is wasted.”

The flotel pod comes complete with a double bed, kitchen area, wet room, outside seating as well as a Bluetooth speaker system and even WiFi cleverly fitting on to a deck that measures 4m by 6m - or 13ft by 20 ft.

With 10 millimetre thick plastic underneath to make them float, the pods have been injected with polystyrene so they are 'unsinkable'.

“We want the prices to be competitive with the local hotel rooms. We don't want to charge an extortionate amount for this experience.”

“In the future we hope to have eight or ten more on Hartlepool Marina, and have a sort of floating village.”

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