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Red Radio

Red Radio are independent professional two way radio suppliers. We offer all makes of communications equipment. We have a wide range of equipment and offer free and unbiased advise. With over 30 years experience in this industry we have strong technical ability and knowledge to offer you the best solution.
We give unbiased recommendations based upon individual requirements and budget. We will do our upmost to give you the best initial advise, product, price and after sales support.
With one of the strongest Engineering and Technical abilities in the industry and a reputation for our open and consultative approach rather than "Hard Sell" we can help you choose which is the best solution for your needs, from a simple "back to back" system to a multi-site Digital system - we know our onions!
If you are already a radio user we can help with all aspects; from repairs, spares and accessories to choosing the best upgrade path when time is right for you. We offer free trails and highly competitive pricing.

Tel: 01582 481114

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