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Offpeakluxury have been around since 2003, and fill a niche in the market of UK luxury hotel deals. For customers, we provide a curated collection of UK hotels and great value deals, but not at the expense of quality and service. For hotels, we offer quality, high-spending customers, very low cancellation rates, meticulous representation of your brand, and the chance to work in partnership and without conflict, while supporting your position as being the lowest market rate for direct bookings.

We have a portfolio of websites in addition to our main Offpeakluxury brand, a 7 figure marketing budget, and key media partnerships with global brands, so we have the reach to make a big difference. We only work with a small collection of UK hotels so each one receives personal attention, and no-one gets lost in a sea of infinite choice.

Around a third of our bookings are taken by phone, and many of our online bookings follow interaction with our team. Our UK based reservations team are available by phone 7 days a week until 10 pm, and regularly visit the hotels. They are on hand to do the hard work for customers and help ensure they book the right place. Customers are frequently amazed by the knowledge and support of our team, and this interaction greatly reduces incidences of customers booking at properties that aren`t right for them, and thereby reduces complaints.

The deals we negotiate are not aimed at stripping the hotel experience to the bone in order to present a very low price or high % saving, but rather to offer genuine value and experience of the hotel, by including more. We know that customers that pay a decent face value price are much more likely to be discerning customers that fit in at hotels and with good levels of incremental spend. Our packages need to be the best openly available deal for that package, but in return we are happy for our partner hotels to have the lowest room rate in the market.

The hotels in our collection are not big chains. They tend to be individual and each a little bit different, just like our customers. Customers know that when they book through OPL they have peace of mind that OPL only works with hotels that care about our customers.

Some basic information on how we work:
• We work with around 200-250 hotels all over the UK at any one time
• We run exclusive packages with our partner hotels throughout the year
• Hotels control their availability on OPL and we offer much great flexibility than most channels, allowing hotels control of their own inventory.
• Hotels integrate via popular channel managers including Siteminder & Roomlynx, or manage availability manually via an online calendar and choose from freesale, room allocation or (in special cases) on-request availability.
• Customers pay in advance and we pay hotels monthly after check out. This provides assurance to customers that complaints and standards are taken seriously, and helps ensure a very low cancellation rate, typically under 5%.
• Average booking lead times of 5-6 weeks
• We can tailor the packages and deals we run with you throughout the year to make sure they fit your seasonality and requirements.
• Commission based model with a small set up charge to cover initial inspections and web set up. Commission can be flexed to target business you really need and reward us for meeting your objectives.
• The average revenue received per hotel on our network is over £31,000 per year, though some are considerably in excess of £100,000 per annum.
• We offer regular account reviews and aim to structure everything as a win-win partnership.

For many hotels, we are the only discount channel they will need, and the only one that can drive average revenue up rather than down. We are selective, we turn down more applicants than we sign up, but there`s no cost to find out if we can help, so stop by for a chat.

Tel: 0333 2125 594

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