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MezurIT - Capturing the Moment. Measuring the weather.

Question 1: Can you describe and monetize the risks and effects that adverse weather will have on your business?
Question 2: Can you describe the type of weather that positively or negatively impacts your business?

The weather challenges a wide spectrum of businesses whose revenues, costs and financial performance are sensitive to the weather.

When you can better understand, anticipate and act on the impact of weather and climate, you have the power to strengthen your business; MezurIT is designed to tell you the precise moment.

MezurIT is designed to monitor real time weather conditions, fed from your on-site MezurIT weather system, to provide instant weather data - straight to your laptop, or hand held devise. This enables operators to react immediately to changes in the weather, and make informed decisions for the greater control and success of their business operations.

So, whether you're deciding on the number of staff needed on a particular 'ride', putting up a marquee, ordering for the weeks ice cream sales, or deciding if today is the day to turn the hay during harvest, MezurIT uses both instantaneous, localized weather data, as well as historical data, to ensure the decisions you make for your business are as informed, accurate and justifiable as your business requires.

MezurIT - capture the moment, 24-7, 365 days a year.

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